April 29, 2009


Since nothing else in my life is simple right now I thought I would post this. I think there are lots of people blogging about the end of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I'm really sad too. In fact, I got my last copy and it was practically destroyed!! I was so disappointed. I love carrying around that crisp, clean, simple scrapbook goodness but now it's all wet, wadded up and wrinkled. I'll definetly be searching out a new copy at the book store.

So, I'm finishing up school stuff. Hopefully, I can relax and go back to the simple life soon. I miss home and baked potatoes for dinner. I miss lots of stuff but this is where I am now. I miss chocolate too. But not enough to eat it and be sick. I miss Lucy and her chubby belly and loud purrs. I think the first thing I do when school is out is head home for a day or two or twenty ;)