July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Want to read more confessions? Check out Emily's blog at www.emyselfandi.com 

-- I have a pan of smores bars sitting on the stove waiting to get cool enough for me to eat. They smell good, they look good, I just hope they taste good. I found the recipe here. For the most part, they actually look like the picture except I had regular size marshmallows instead of minis. 

-- I have to go to a meeting at Human Resources tomorrow about benefits for my NEW JOB! The last time I went to HR there was road construction and a huge detour and I was almost late. I'm planning to leave super early so that won't happen again. 

-- I wanted to stop for a ham sandwich at the Honey Baked Ham Co. today but I was finished my errands around 10:30am and wasn't ready for lunch. I was so excited too because I had a really good coupon to use. When I got home I cleaned out my wallet and realized my punch card for Honey Baked was full and I get a FREE sandwich! I'll be going there for sure tomorrow!

-- I also found a coupon for a free Dunkin Donuts drink in my purse from my birthday last month. Woohoo! Will have to save that for another day. 

-- My sunglasses broke at the beach last week. So I quickly rushed to Target and bought a new pair. I was desperate because of the bright beach sun! Now, I wish I'd waited because they aren't very comfortable and I really would have liked a more stylish pair. I'm suddenly intrigued by dark purple sunglasses. Sigh.

-- I ran into the Dollar Store Monday night and found a great zebra scarf for $5! I guess that makes up for my  not-so-stylish sunglasses. 

-- I also went to a makeup class Monday night on eye makeup. Pretty neat. Since then I've been watching lots of tutorial videos for hair and makeup from http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/ and http://www.beautybroadcast.net/ Both ladies have great blogs and videos! After watching their videos I decided I needed eye make up brushes instead of trying to use q-tips. I knew exactly where to go...Target to the ELF makeup section. I found brushes for $1 each!

July 22, 2012

Road Trip Snacks

I have this really cool Thirty One cooler bag that was given to my husband from a student. It has been a very well used gift! The cooler comes out for every road trip. I always stock it with bottled water, sodas, and some snacks. 

It's the snacks part that get my husband excited. Sometimes we pick out our road trip snacks together. Other times, like the vacation we just came back from, I like to surprise him somewhere along the interstate by pulling a treat out of the cooler. The day before our trip I was perusing the cookie aisle. We're big on sweet treats. I was debating chocolate chip cookies, fudge grahams, oreos....all some of our usual go-to treat choices. 

Standing there in the cookie section I began to reminisce of days gone by --- 

PaPa (my grandfather) and I always went to the grocery store together in the summers when I stayed with him and Nanny. We'd walk every aisle of the store, carefully checking the items off the list that Nanny had sent us with. Then, my favorite part of the trip, PaPa would tell me to go pick out a treat for us. Occasionally I'd pick a can of cheese balls or maybe french onion dip to go with the chips we'd already put in the buggy. But most of the time, it was these cookies. EL Fudge Elf Cookies.

Snapping back to real life, I began to search the cookie aisle for my elf cookies. Hoping that they still made them. I searched and searched until I saw them on the very top shelf, almost out of my reach. And then they were mine! I was thrilled to have found them! 

Fast forward a bit through me checking out at the store, driving home, and packing away my road trip snacks so that the Cookie Monster in my house (aka my husband!) wouldn't find them before our trip, waking up the next morning, and about 3 hours of interstate drive time. We were hungry and ready for a treat. 

Out came the EL Fudge cookies and the Cookie Monster was confused. He'd never seen these cookies before. Never tasted the yummy-ness of the elves. Never fear. Five days later, we're home again. All the elves have been eaten, I shared the story of the elves with the Cookie Monster, and now scribbled on my grocery list for the coming week: "elf cookies". 

Those elves sure are sneaky :)

*All opinions are my own. I was not sponsored to write this post but if the Keebler elves would like to sponsor me in exchange for some cookies that would be awesome!