August 25, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

The first in a series of Ten on Tuesday posts.

1. I've been having a really rough week. And it's ONLY Tuesday! Yesterday, I got home at 2:50 and crawled in bed. I didn't get out again until 4:40. Today, I'm just not tired. I wish the Golden Girls had their own TV channel. If I could watch them 24/7, I'd always be in a good mood.

2. I have lesson plans to work on. I had lots planned for my kids to do. That went well today.

3. Dinner date with the husband when he gets home @ 7:30 tonight. I may eat my arm off before then.

4. Been digi camera shopping online. Really liking the Nikon D5000. Which leads me to needing to find a nice, pretty camera strap. Or maybe I'll make my own. More to come on this topic.

5. I have lots of scrapbook ideas to work on. Journal your Christmas album. Travel album. Photo of the day. Random, everyday layouts. Haven't had time due to #2 and #4.

6. My major success this week: I planned meals for every night on Sunday afternoon.

7. My major downfall so far: We haven't eaten any of the meals I planned.

8. I'm craving lots of fattening foods like buffalo chicken dip and wheat thins. Unfortunately, I've yet to figure out how to eat healthy and on a budget. I think it's virtually impossible.

9. I've discovered that you need to buy the Ziploc brand plastic bags. Blow the budget on the bags always! Homemade ice cream in baggies is disgusting when you get a hole and salt gets into your ice cream.

10. Proof there is a God: I thought I had lost or had my wallet stolen yesterday. As I drive home in tears because all of my cash was in it for the month (which wasn't much because it's almost the end of the month but I have to buy J a birthday gift and manage to cook meals for the rest of the month and pay for any other necessities between now and Aug. 31) I was praying to please let me find my wallet. I get home and I can't find it anywhere! Finally, I go through the purse I carried to church on Sunday. In my purse I find mine and J's Bibles that I had forgotten to put back on the book shelf. In between the two Bibles was my wallet. God was keeping it safe for me. Thanks, God!

I hope I haven't bored you too much. I lead a pretty boring and exhausting life. I hope to write Ten on Tuesday posts every Tuesday if for no other reason but to have some random scrapbook journaling. I'd like another weekly post topic, too. Any suggestions?

I'll leave you with a picture of our "first born" Ashton.