June 19, 2013

Midweek Confessions

- It really amazes me how quickly I can get in a "summer sleep" routine. Staying up late, sleeping late. It's nice. Until today, when the roofers came to replace our roof. Early wake ups are not my favorite. Coffee and the Andy Griffith show make it better though.

- You know you are growing up when a new roof and new storm door excite you. The cost of these items don't excite me but they are necessary and adults do necessary things to keep their house up. (This isn't really a complaint...I'll be really excited to see the new roof when it's finished.)

- I really want to start couponing again. I did pretty good for a while but got tired of organizing the coupons in my binder. I should really look into another organization method. (Translation of this confession: I will spend most of the day reading coupon blogs)

- I put Downton Abbey, Season 1 on hold at the library months ago. It finally came in on Saturday. I came home and we watched the 1st 2 episodes and LOVE it! The bad part? I only reserved disc 1, not all 3. Thanks to an Amazon gift card we're good now. How did I just now catch on to this show??

- I love the Collect app on my phone. I've taken at least one picture a day the entire month of June. I also like Pixelgarde as it tells me the date and time that my iPhone pics were taken. Both are free apps! I like Overgram too ($1.99) when I add captions to my images. Here's a picture of my apps that I use for photos.