September 15, 2009

And the Countdown begins....

With the recent announcement of my graduation date, I located a countdown down to any date thingy on a website. Of course, I needed to know how many days it was to several upcoming events.

Here you go:

100 Days till Christmas!!! Woohoo!

90 Days until Graduation!!!

79 Days until one of my bestest friends marries my brother in law. Love being matchmaker!

75 Days until Mom's birthday!

72 Days until Black Friday Sales and my parents' wedding anniversary!

71 Days until Thanksgiving

61 Days until Student Teaching is over!!! (2 months! I think I can handle 2 months!)

43 More school days left of Student Teaching...ugh that means 86 more times that the alarm
clock will go off rudely at 5:45

There's really not a whole lot going on in September or October for me. Just normal life stuff. Nothing gigantic to count down to. But I did save the most important countdowns for last....

3 more sleeps until weekend!!!

10 hours or less until I'm home again!!!

September 13, 2009

Do I have to set my alarm clock tonight? Fourteen thoughts on September 14th.

So I've had a few thoughts that I kept meaning to post and kept forgetting.

1. My least favorite parts of the school year when I was in elementary school : the first week of getting to know you activities and standardized testing.

My least favorite parts of the school year from the perspective of student teaching: the first week of getting to know you activities and standardized testing.

Notice any similarities?

2. Simple comforts. I've noticed some simple comforts never change. At home, in my apartment, and now in married life I could always find comfort in a hearty breakfast of hot, homemade biscuits and gravy. It's just that sometimes in married life biscuits are just a bit too much to make. So I end up with a scrambled egg sandwich and homemade apple sauce instead. Quite yummy if I say so myself.

3. The Andy Griffith Show is also quite comforting. And recently, the Golden Girls and I have become quite good friends. They come on every Saturday and Sunday morning on the Hallmark channel. I really hope Hallmark doesn't change their lineup any time soon.

4. Good dresses just don't exist anymore. The Dress Barn needs to change their name. It's very misleading. They should change it to the Sweater and Dress Pants Barn.

5. Homemade ice cream is pretty tasty.

6. Starting my 7th week of Student teaching tomorrow. Getting close to the half-way point! Hallelujah!

7. While #6 sounds pretty good, there are actually 5 days in each week of Student Teaching. Do I have to set my alarm clock tonight? Ugh.

8. My goal for the weekend was to start and finish my resume. And I've done neither.

9. I miss Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I think my desire to scrapbook died with it.

10. I still think the waiter at lunch today got some of the drinks mixed up when he took 5 back to the kitchen for refills. It's sort of confusing when at a table of 15 there are 14 water glasses, with and without lemon, and 1 lone coke.

11. I bought new jeans last weekend. They fit. They look nice. Small miracle, let me tell you.

12. My friend Kayla is decorating her new house this weekend. Sounds like fun. New house. New paint. Picking everything out. Then I think of how I helped paint the storage building that one time and how it's not as easy as it looks and I'm glad J painted the house long before I came along.

13. I bought 2 pounds of organic chicken today that would have normally cost $12.01. I paid $2.98. Never had organic chicken before.

14. I've learned to buy 2 gallons of milk on Sunday so I don't have to make a frantic milk run in the middle of the week. Last week, I also realized you should buy cereal and toilet paper regularly too. Not fun to go on frantic runs for those items either.

So, that is all. Fourteen thoughts on September 14th. I wasn't sure I could come up with them all but I did.

EDITED TO ADD: After posting this I let my mouse hover over the time on the computer...only to realize that today is not September 14th. Oops :)