April 25, 2013

30 Before 30: Update #1

April 25, 2013:

So, I started pondering my 30 before 30 list this week. I've come up with a few more ideas and wanted to add to the list. I haven't crossed anything off the list yet though. No worries. Five years to go. I add 6 1/2 ideas to the list below (in red). Hmm....will see what else I can come up with. 

September 30, 2010: 

I'm linking up with my new favorite blog, www.emyselfandi.com, for her 30 things to do before 30 post. I love this idea of having a list of things to do before a certain age. I'm not sure I'll be able to come up with 30 things tonight but seeing as a have several  years until I'm 30, I'll still have plenty of time to add to my list of things. 

1. I hate trying to come up with the first thing on the list. Yikes! #1 always seems to mean the most important. I guess the most important would be to have a summer packed full of fun the year I turn thirty. I realized in typing this list that I will turn 30 in June and then celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary in August of the same year. I think that is super cool and requires some super fun plans that summer. I'll let you know when I decide what those plans might be (in a few years)!

2. Go on a cruise with Mom. Hopefully that will happen in the coming summer! Woohoo! Not sure cruises will be happening for a while with all the Carnival drama lately. 

3. Lose 15 pounds. I should really get busy with this one NOW!

4. Get a full time job as an elementary school teacher. Come on, Economy! I'm ready and willing to work!

5. Pick out and purchase a new (or at least new-to-me) SUV. 

6. Find an organization system for my photos, scrapbooks and stick with it and stay up to date. 

7. Learn how to apply eyeliner on myself and establish good makeup and skin care routines and stick with them! These dark under eye circles are creeping up way too soon for my liking!

8. Participate (walk) in a 5k

9. RUN in a 5k

10. Participate in a meal swap and stock my freezer with meals.

11. Spend weekend at the Foley House Inn in Savannah again.

12. Fly somewhere....I've never flown before. 

13. Learn to curl my hair in beachy, soft waves. 

Confessions: Almost-May Edition

I'm linking with E, Myself and I here today for her Midweek Confessions. Oh, I had so many thoughts to share but then I decided it would be best to pack lunches and get a shower tonight so I wouldn't have to rush tomorrow morning. Trying to be productive...and I'll still be running to bus duty as the bell is ringing tomorrow morning. 

~ I've come up with a few new ideas for my 30 before 30 list. Will plan to update that list on the blog soon.

~ I love my leopard print house shoes. No one else seems to think they are cute but I love them and they are so comfy. Hardwood floors are pretty but they are cold, even when it's hot outside!

~ Our cat hasn't felt very well lately. Nothing major but, gosh, I wish he could talk and just tell me what is wrong! I guess kids are the same way but .... so nerve wracking!

~ Only 23 more days until summer vacation! Lots of good stuff there! This will be the first summer that I will get a pay check and be off at the same time. 

~ Hubby will be finishing his masters degree this summer. YAY! Will be so glad when that is over! I have to get busy thinking about throwing a little grad party for him.

~ I wish I could design really awesome blog backgrounds and such. But I can't. Oh well.

~ How is it almost May? I know school is almost out and all but sieriously....May starts next week! YAY!