July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

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-- I have a pan of smores bars sitting on the stove waiting to get cool enough for me to eat. They smell good, they look good, I just hope they taste good. I found the recipe here. For the most part, they actually look like the picture except I had regular size marshmallows instead of minis. 

-- I have to go to a meeting at Human Resources tomorrow about benefits for my NEW JOB! The last time I went to HR there was road construction and a huge detour and I was almost late. I'm planning to leave super early so that won't happen again. 

-- I wanted to stop for a ham sandwich at the Honey Baked Ham Co. today but I was finished my errands around 10:30am and wasn't ready for lunch. I was so excited too because I had a really good coupon to use. When I got home I cleaned out my wallet and realized my punch card for Honey Baked was full and I get a FREE sandwich! I'll be going there for sure tomorrow!

-- I also found a coupon for a free Dunkin Donuts drink in my purse from my birthday last month. Woohoo! Will have to save that for another day. 

-- My sunglasses broke at the beach last week. So I quickly rushed to Target and bought a new pair. I was desperate because of the bright beach sun! Now, I wish I'd waited because they aren't very comfortable and I really would have liked a more stylish pair. I'm suddenly intrigued by dark purple sunglasses. Sigh.

-- I ran into the Dollar Store Monday night and found a great zebra scarf for $5! I guess that makes up for my  not-so-stylish sunglasses. 

-- I also went to a makeup class Monday night on eye makeup. Pretty neat. Since then I've been watching lots of tutorial videos for hair and makeup from http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/ and http://www.beautybroadcast.net/ Both ladies have great blogs and videos! After watching their videos I decided I needed eye make up brushes instead of trying to use q-tips. I knew exactly where to go...Target to the ELF makeup section. I found brushes for $1 each!

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