November 22, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm linking up a day late (and dollar short!) for E, Myself and I's Midweek Confessions. I'm not sure anyone would be interested in reading these confessions but anyways...that's not my problem.

1. I baked a cake yesterday and it miraculously didn't stick to the pan. I used Wilton's Cake Release and I may never go back to using regular baking spray again. 
Cake Release

2. I love dressing. It is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I could seriously do without the turkey. I used to only liked my Nanny's dressing but now that we spend time with hubby's family for Thanksgiving I've started to enjoy other people's dressings too.

3. I got out my DSLR camera this morning. Why is it that I suddenly want to play with it at holidays? I'm not good with it so I'll probably end up with icky pictures today.

4. I've read all of the other link-ups on E's confessions this week and I loved reading this blog: Love finding other blogs + especially blogs without kids. Not that I dislike kids but I just don't have any.

5. I really don't like to dress up in dress pants for holidays. I'd rather wear jeans but today I'm wearing some comfy dress pants because I plan to eat lots of dressing :)

I hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day today. 

Here's a peek at my Christmas mantle. Love having a fireplace and mantle to decorate in our new house!

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