November 25, 2012

Christmas Book Collection

I spent my Sunday afternoon photographing and cropping these pictures of my Christmas book collection. Then I spent some time browsing Amazon for new books to add to the collection. All the while I should have been working on lesson plans for my 4th and 5th grade classes. Oh well. This is more fun and more festive too. 

I started collecting children's Christmas books when I got married in 2008. The goal was to add one a year and then eventually I'd have enough to read with my (future) children one book a night each day in December. It was quickly pointed out that unless I planned to wait 24 years to have children I wouldn't have enough. Ooops. So I've started adding 2-3 books each year. Sometimes I get them as gifts, other times I buy them while J & I are traveling, or I pick them up at the Goodwill store. There are even a few that were my childhood books. Those are extra special. 

If I counted correctly, I have 21 books now. Only a few more needed to have "enough" and then I'll keep adding so that I have some to rotate in and out. :)

 I love the Christmas Story book with the babes! This book is new but was a favorite when I was little. 

 My first book in the collection. 

 Tucker was very interested in my books when I was taking pictures. 

 Then Tucker decided to climb in the book basket!

 I bought this book in honor of Tucker's first Christmas with us!

The entire collection. All 21 books!

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