December 2, 2008

Holiday Foods

Well, one more day of classes down and only two more to go! Woohoo! I'm so excited to nearly be done with this semester. Thursday I will know the elementary school I will be working at in the Spring. Hoping to get my first choice school!

After Thanksgiving, all I've been thinking of is the yummy Christmas foods coming up. Sausage balls, cheese balls, sugar cookies, etc. I've also be craving a huge bowl of warm gooey home made macaroni and cheese. Are you hungry now?

Why talk about food? Well, I read lots of blogs and have followed many for a few years now and Nichole posted that she was using the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I think this just may be the thing for me to try. I'm going to look at the Circuit City going out of business sale to see if they have it really cheap before I go to work. If it works and is fun, I may have to get J to use it too.

Off to find some lunch, search for the DVDs, and chase some second graders in ASP!

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