May 19, 2009

Thoughts on Food

We've been on vacation this weekend. Had a very nice trip but really wasn't thrilled with the food. Barbara Jean's is good for chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The other meals left something to be desired. I think I'm feeling this way because I'm ready to start losing some weight and am getting back into the mode of thinking about what I'm eating.

The reason for writing isn't to say I want to lose weight (even though I do). Tonight's dinner is why I'm writing. After several nights of eating out, we were ready to actually cook something. Simple and quick was our goal tonight but we couldn't agree on anything. So, we each made our own dinner.

Jayson's Dinner: Toasted egg salad sandwich, Garden Salsa Sun Chips, Caffeine Free Pepsi.

Megan's Dinner: Toasted scrambled egg sandwich, fresh cantaloupe, milk.

We ate practically the same meal! I didn't want egg salad and Jayson can't believe I drank milk for dinner. I think tonight's dinner pretty well describes us....

We have essentially the same goals and outlooks on life. Our differences lie in the details.

Confused? We like things organized. I have a box for school stuff, a scrapbook stuff pile, a mound of magazines. Jayson has a file cabinet. In it is his important contact info file, his undergrad file, his masters file, his ancestory research file, his home renovations file.

We also like our bed made up. I would throw the sheet back, then the comforter, toss the pillows on top and not think twice about wrinkles. Jayson would walk around the bed multiple times getting the wrinkles out of the sheet and covering the pillows with the spread.

So there you have it. A tid bit of knowledge from me.

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