July 9, 2010

Random-ish Rumblings

{Don't ask where the post title came from. I don't know. It just sounded like fun.}

1. Tucker is really wanting to go play on the front porch but it's too stormy.

2. We booked a trip to Pigeon Forge today. Super duper excited about Dixie Stampede and Dollywood. Hopefully, this trip won't get snowed out the like the last time we planned to go to Pigeon Forge. Here's a look at what we were doing the last time we'd planned to be in Pigeon Forge. Yep, snowed in at home with 5 inches of snow!

3. Speaking of travels, I really want to make a "Travels Together" scrapbook off all the places we've been. But I need some inspiration. Please share clean and simple, cohesive scrapbook ideas preferably with travel themes. I have lots of photos to get busy with!

4. I need a J-O-B. I'm getting to the point of not being picky. I just want to start getting a career-sized-paycheck. But ideally, I'd love to teach 4th grade at an elementary school within 20 miles of my house. I realize now's not the time to be picky so I'm applying to every public school district, day care, pre-k, Starbucks, Target, and other place of employment withing the metro-area.

5. I think every weekend between now and the end of summer is booked up. Just got a call asking us to bring a salad to a picnic in two weeks. I felt silly but I had to ask "Do you mean a lettuce-salad? Or some other kind of salad?" The response...lettuce salad or macaroni salad or potato salad. Any of them would be fine. Every time I've typed salad in this post, I've typed "salada". I think I like that word better. I'll probably try to make a homemade version of this. (I think I blogged about this heavenly pasta-in-a-box before!)

6. If I could be any famous person, I think I'd want to be Reba McEntire. I love her red hair!

7. I finally let Tucker go out on the front porch since it has quit raining. We're both happier now. He's not crying and I can actually think and type this post that has taken me entirely too long to write out.

8. I have a dishwasher full of clean dishes to unload. YUCK!

9. Went to Chickfila for lunch today with the hubby. We didn't realize it was Cow Appreciation Day! We totally would have dressed in our cow outfits for the free food.

10. I have about 4 Mary Kay Andrews books that I want to read, a camera book to read, and an Eagle scout photo slide show to put together, and a closet to clean out. But writing silly blogs like this really is more fun.

One more random photo....In honor of today being, the 9th day of the month, I'm going to open the 9th folder in my photo organization system until I get to a single photo and I'm including it here.

Making homemade biscuits.

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Mimi said...

Love the picture of t.taco! I've got another book for you here. Pigeon Forge will be great and no snow this time.

I like the new look on your blog.