September 18, 2013

Midweek Confessions: iCloud, Buffalo Dip, and Bloglovin'

Hello, hello blog reader friends! Almost 3 months to the day since I last blogged and thanks again to Midweek Confessions by E for kicking my butt in gear.

1. Why and how is my iCloud almost full? I keep getting that crazy email and I keep deleting stuff. Could it be the photo-hoarder in me that doesn't want to delete from my camera roll? I can't update to iOS 7 because my phone is too full. Luckily, I'm not disappointed :)

2. This stuff is addictive. I can' It's new in the Publix deli section and was on sale (thru today) for $3.99. You better believe I made a special trip today just to get more while it was on sale. Perfect mix of spicy but not set-you-on-fire-spice.  Thanks lovely friend at work that shared some with me last week.

3. Speaking of lovely friends at work, another friend and I were chatting iPads at school a few days ago. Our school just purchased a set of 10 iPads for checkout and I'm managing them and assisting with the other 29 iPads that teachers use in our building. Well, my friend was telling me about Bloglovin' and showed me her app and I was sold. All of my tech-teachery blogs all in one place and easy to read new posts. I need to organize and add some of my fun, personal blogs to it too. 

4. Ok, I was looking at my Photo Stream and I can confess this too. I made this photo board from an old backless frame, some foam board, burlap, and twine about a month ago. Love having all of my random snapshots on display in my house now. Love the bright light in the evenings coming in that window and my awesome kitchen chairs and table set. Ah. Love it. This isn't really a confession other than that I love my kitchen. 

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