January 15, 2009

How We Met

My Blogger friend, Emily Kate, posted a blog about how she met her husband. In honor of Valentines day officially less than one month away I thought I might as well post "Our Story" too.

August 2005 - November 2005
Jayson and I meet when I'm visiting his church. This is the only time we see each other or talk. There is much confusion about our ages as several people are trying to play "match-makers." Eventually, we straighten it all out.

December 2005
J asks me to go Christmas caroling with his church and offers to pick me up. (He ends up calling my grandparents to get my phone number. I was very impressed!) Instead, I drive and meet up with him. Then he comes to the Christmas play that I'm directing at my church.

January 2006
I start my first day of my joint-enrolled class. J calls that night to see how my day went and asks if I will "think about going out with him sometime" and we hang up. The next day I leave him a message saying "yeah, I think I would like to go out with you some time" (famous last words now!) Jayson came home from work and saw he had a message and said he would die if it was from me...well, it was and he didn't die!

Our first day is MLK day (coming up this weekend!) and we ate at O'Charleys and then walked around the college campus. J was about to graduate from there and I was planning on going there in the fall). We had a very nice first date and end it sitting on a swing outside the English building talking about our goals in life.

January - May 2006
We go on dates and talk on the phone everyday. May is a busy month for us. J graduates college. We go to my Senior Prom. I graduate high school. We still see each other at church.

May - August 2006
I get a summer job. J is getting ready to start teaching 2nd grade in the fall.

August - December 2006
I move into an apartment on campus and start college. Jayson starts his first year teaching 2nd grade. We spend Christmas together and visit with our families.

January 2007
One year dating anniversary and a day trip to Little White House.

January - June 2007
School. Work. Seeing Jayson. Not much exciting is going on.

July 2007
I go to Florida on Vacation with Jayson and his mom and step-dad. Fun.

August 2007
Move into new apartment with the best roommates ever!

August - October 2007
Life is Good! Great roommates! Great Jayson! Great Family! Great classes!

November 16, 2007
We had plans to go out after I got off work. Jayson changes the plans and has me in a panic. He says he has to go to "Dad's" without me. Says its no big deal but I'm freaking out. I call Mom and the roommates to rant. {Unbeknown to me, Jayson is sitting at the dining room table with MY Dad and Mom as I rant to Mom on the phone about him...oops.} The refrigerator in our apartment got super clean as I was so frantic. Jayson calls after he gets home and says everything is fine with "Dad" and that he'll still pick me up for brunch in the morning.

November 17, 2007
J picks me up at my apartment. And we got to Ihop from brunch. Food is yummy but I'm still a little uneasy about why J was acting so strangely the night before. Jayson drives back to my apartment and mentions driving around to see the new construction on campus. He parks outside the English building. We walk out to sit on our swing.

I'm still not sure what's going on and not suspicious at all. After swinging for a while Jayson says he can't lie to me and wants to tell me what was going on last night. He admits he didn't go to his Dad's but rather went to my Dad's house to ask for his blessing for what he is about to ask me. Then he gets down on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever and proposes! Of course, I say yes!

November - December 2007
Ordinary life. Wrapping up my semester and then doing the Christmas things.

January 2008
Jayson's school calendar for the next year is finally published. Mom and I attend a bridal show. We set our wedding date for August 2!

January - April 2008
College classes and wedding planning is in full swing! Very Busy!

May 2008
I'm crazy and sign up to take World History in May session (2 weeks!) Wedding planning is on hold until I finish this class.

June - July 2008
I am taking Science and Math for Elem. teachers and staying not-too-busy. Hanging out with Jayson. Wedding planning. Bridesmaids dress adventures with my roommates. We take engagement pictures together.

Finally classes are finished! I have about 4 days between classes ending and moving out of my apartment.

July 30, 2008
Move out day! Move home with my parents!

July 31, 2008
Bridesmaids Night Out getting our nails done and just having one last fun day together.

August 1, 2008
Rehearsal dinner...how fun and delicious food!

August 2, 2008
WEDDING!!! All of the planning really paid off and we had a gorgeous and memorable day. I wish I could go back and live it all over again and slow time down.

August 3-6, 2008
Honeymoon in Savannah

August-December 2008
Jayson goes back to work the next day after we get home at his new elementary school in 2nd grade again. I spend 2 days getting all the legal married stuff taken care of and then head back to college and work. We spend our first holidays together.

January 2009

Whew, I'm caught up now. I start my next to last semester of college called TOSS (Teaching Of Specific Subjects) where I'm at the college two days and teaching one day...in a few weeks I'll be teaching full time and then starting my Student Teaching in the Fall and graduating in December.

So, that's the story of how we met, dated, got engaged, and then marrried, up to today. It's hard to believe it's been three years since our first date now.

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Emily said...

What a fun story! 2 teachers!! That's great. Thanks for sharing your story!