January 1, 2009

Whew, Blogger Confusion!

Blogger was quite difficult to get signed into today. I was trying to write a post (that I forgot what I wanted to say) and leave a comment on Mom's blog. Coincidently, Mom has like 5 comments from me now and this post is pointless.

If I had to guess what I was going to write this post it could have been...
#1 About Becky Higgins' Kit of the Month aka Project 365.
#2 About my adventures of New Years Eve and Day 2009
#3 About the New Years Resolutions that I made a) 3 weeks ago and forgot about or b) the ones that I haven't made at all. Hehe.
#4 I'm sure there is a #4...will be back when I figure out what it is.

p.s. I am really loving my new TwoPeas name and my blog name...One Crafty Cupcake. How fun!

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