January 14, 2010

Hello, Cupcakes!

I have searched high and low for days weeks months for a new background for my blog. Specifically, a background with CUPCAKES! Today, I found one! Don't you love the pretty cupcakes?


I will soon be getting a custom-made-by-Nanny CUPCAKE APRON! Again, I searched the internet for a perfect cupcake fabric with not very much luck. But yesterday I went out to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect hot pink-polka dot-cupcake fabric. I'm also super excited because my apron is going to have ruffles. Can't wait to try it on.

Why do I need an apron you might ask? Because I'm taking the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 this month with Mom. We're very excited and have been stocking up on supplies all week. Last week was the first class but I missed out on most of it due to a job interview. There is quite the interesting story behind the interview but I'll wait to tell that until I know if I got that job.

I'm sure it's quite obvious that I love cupcakes but I also love to cook and bake other stuff. I also love taking pictures with my handy-dandy Nikon D5000 SLR. Photography + cooking = pictures of food and messes in my kitchen. In my last photo order, I ordered prints off all of the recent cooking successes and disasters I've had recently. Might just throw them all together in a photo album scrapbook.

Off to organize my recipes into a CUPCAKE RECIPE BOX that my dear sweet newlywed sister in law gave me.

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