March 10, 2010

Ten Things I'm Thinking Today ::: Walmart Edition

1. I needed to buy groceries tonight because we're out of milk. We go through a lot of milk around here. Especially since Tucker the cat adopted us a few weeks ago. He LOVES milk!! Yes, we know it sometimes makes cats sick but not Tucker. And it makes me happy when I have at least 2 full gallons of milk in the fridge. Last week when it snowed, I had 4 new, unopened gallons of milk. I was ready for snow-cream making!

2. Funny how when you need milk, you suddenly need lots of other things. Like toothpaste. And grapes. I buy milk and grapes once a week. Sometimes I think Tucker and I could live off of those two things.

3. It's pouring rain. It's dark. It takes me 10 minutes to get all my rain gear (rain jacket, hood, umbrella, rainboots, Vera hipster on the inside of my jacket for protection) on for this trip to Wal-Mart. Approximately 10 seconds after walking out the door, I'm soaked. I am now on the search for rain pants.

4. Walking laps around Wal-Mart is not easy. In fact, it's very tiring especially when you forget things and have to walk across the store 10 times.

5. I finally found a frozen entree that I like: Smart Ones Lasagna worth 6 Weight Watchers points. I'm not a huge fan of frozen meals but I'm sick of sandwiches. Today, I took Townhouse crackers and grapes for lunch because I was so sick of sandwiches. (Don't worry, I didn't end up eating that for lunch. My wonderful assistant principal was going out for lunch and offered to pick me up something.) So, I need frozen meals to have on those "It's pouring rain. I'm running 20 minutes late. The traffic reporter on the morning news is already reporting wrecks on the roads that I drive to work." day. I also picked up a Salisbury Steak Weight Watchers meal, again worth 6 WW points. I hope 6 points isn't too much for lunch. My luck I should only eat like 4 WW points and that will ruin my lunch-plan.

6. Speaking of lunches, I also picked up this yumm-o Pasta-Roni pasta salad that I'm making for lunch with some chicken for tomorrow. Yes, I'm planning (and cooking) my meals over 12 hours in advance.

7. I needed to pick up some more make up tonight. I've been using the same Revlon Color Stay Active 02 makeup for about .... 5 years now. I started using this makeup when I realized that the orange stain on the preacher's shoulder of his white dress shirt was caused by my makeup rubbing off when I hugged him. Oops.

So, anyways.....Wal-Mart does not have my make up! None. Not even other colors. Must solve this dilemma ASAP. I must not ruin any more preachers' white dress shirts.

8. Why must the people that organize Wal-Mart put the 27 pound bags of Tidy Cats blue bag cat litter on the top shelf, way out of my reach? I bet they would rethink their Cat Litter Aisle organization when the 27 pound bag of cat litter busts all over the aisle. Good thing I wasn't desperate for cat litter tonight. I'll just get it at Petsmart another day. At Petsmart, someone offers to get my cat litter down for me even though it's on the bottom shelf.

9. I played the "I sure hope I have enough cash to buy all this stuff since it appears that I have lost my debit card...again" game. Luckily, I had 37 cents more than I needed! When I got home, my debit card magically appeared in my wallet. How strange.

10. As I geared up again to walk across the parking lot with a buggy full of goodies, a sweet lady with a small baby complimented me on my rain boots. I was very appreciative of her compliment but I was slightly jealous that her husband was moving their car to the curb to load groceries and keep her and cute little baby from getting wet. Oh well. Playing in puddles is kind of fun.

Updated: I MUST find a Weight Watchers friendly pasta salad recipe. The boxed mix I just made is almost 6 points for 1 serving! Not to mention the points of the chicken that I planned to eat with it! Yikes! Suggestions?

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