February 11, 2010

Ten on Thursday: Random Thoughts

1. Why does my Starbucks stop brewing decaf coffee at noon? If I want regular coffee, I want it in the morning to wake me up then. My morning caffeinated coffee has wore off by bedtime and doesn't keep me awake. However, caffeinated coffee after lunch keeps me up at night. Does no one else think this way?

2. Local swimming pool store bilboard reads: "Big Green Egg Central". After several trips by the sign, lots of pondering why a pool store needs eggs, I am finally enlightened as to the meaning behind the sign. BBQ Grills called "Big Green Eggs." See photo below.

3. Had some broken jewelry this week and went through quite the drama to get the piece fixed. Does anyone else get annoyed because their wedding band always looks newer than their engagement ring? I know. I know. I've been wearing the e-ring longer but I want them to look equally shiny.

4. Bought boots at Target this week. Cost me a whooping $7.48. They have flat heels and are great for running.

5. I've been asked to name my Starbucks drink with a cute name instead of having to ramble off "vanilla bean frappacino, half coffee based, no whip." Still pondering what I should call it.

6. Will summer ever come? More snow is planned for tomorrow. It's just plain cold around here but luckily we haven't had any accumulation of snow this winter.

7. I got some free BareMinerals foundation at JcPenney today. I'm not a fan yet.

8. Planning to go out to eat soon. Chilis? Longhorn? OCharleys? Ruby Tuesday? Stevi Bs? Mexican?

9. I am not good at making decisions. Period. I made a decision once on what to name my far-off-in-the-future-daughter and then my uncle named his daughter that and the name is now probably the most popular girl name. At that point, I gave up on making name choices and decisions in general.

10. My lack of decision making skills leads me to wonder how I ever chose which  SLR camera. Well, my Nikon D5000 just "felt right." Not sure I trust the "felt right" when it comes to naming kids though.

11. This post has been fairly photo-less. Will try to add more photos another day.

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