February 4, 2010

Ten on Thursday

1. Well, I'm still a few days late getting this up. Oh well.

2. I cooked a yummy dinner tonight. The in-laws are coming for dinner tomorrow, so I have that meal all planned out. We're going out to dinner with friends from church on Saturday, so no cooking Saturday night. Woohoo! Looking forward to no cooking and lots of leftovers.

3. I needed new boots about 2 years ago. But I never could find what I wanted. Now, I'm thinking the scrunch boots might be cute. But of course, boots are hard to find since they are going out of season. I found these boots online at JCPenny.
Might have to head to the mall soon to try them on. Any thoughts? Like? Dislike? Can I wear them with skirts or dresses?

4.  I start teaching a week from tomorrow! Woohoo! :)

5. I start teaching a week from tomorrow! Booo! :(

6. I've been wanting a new purse. Here's what I found. Cheap too at Cato.

I'm not convinced to keep it yet. Any thoughts?

7. This is the bag I'd really like. From Coach. With a price tag of ... about  25 times the price I paid for the Cato bag. In case you want to know, this the Coach Carly bag.

8. This picture cracks me up for lots of reasons. The jacket and backpack match because I'm funny like that. The picture was taken in Target, my favorite place. There's my vanilla bean frap, half coffee based, no whip = my favorite drink. This was taken the day that I rattled off my order really quickly to the barista. "I would like a venti vanilla bean frappuccino, half coffee based, no whip please." Drinking one entire venti anything while shopping in Target gives me a tummy ache. Oops.

9. I created a blog header. I can't figure out how to add it to the top of my blog.

10. Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to a few blogs I enjoy.

Kelly's blog is so fun. She's so stylish and little Harper is so cute. http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/
Kayla Aimee is so much fun and I'm lucky to know her in-real-life too! http://kaylaaimee.typepad.com/
Laura has a cute little boy and golden retriever and love her scrap-style. http://www.laurakurz.typepad.com/
Elizabeth is another great simple scrapper and seems like a real cool mom. http://elizabethdillow.typepad.com/
Cathy, love how her type always looks like it came from a magazine. http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/

Whew, another Ten on _______________ completed. Have a good rest of the day!

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Mimi said...

Cute boots, I sent you an email about your blog header.