July 27, 2010

Love-hate relationship with school supplies

I love school supplies...

...because there is something so fresh and new about starting a school year.
...because the notebooks and pens and organizers and planners are so colorful.
...because everything is empty - the notebooks are empty, the planners are empty, the pencil pouches are empty - all just waiting to be filled with possibility.
...because the hustle and bustle of the stores is fun - like Christmas except it's warm outside.
...because the deals are so good - 1 cent folders!

I hate school supplies...

...because this is the beginning of the first school year since I graduated from college and I should be stocking up on my supplies for my own elementary classroom - but I'm jobless.
...because my husband is stocking up on school supplies for his classroom and sometimes I'm just plain jealous. Please forgive me.
...because if I had lots of money I'd still stock up on school supplies for when I do get a classroom.
...because it's hard to justify spending $20 on a cute planner that won't get used because I'm jobless.

The rest of my story

The rest of my story would probably be beneficial to know and might explain more as to why I'm in such a love-hate limbo over school supplies but I feel it's best not shared right now. Maybe soon. Maybe not.

As a side note: I visited every school-supply-selling-store in my immediate area this afternoon to entertain myself. Found lots of great stuff. Should have snapped cellphone pics to share but I didn't. (I've been doing that a lot lately...taking cell pics of anything that I want to buy but can't justify the cost of)

So, I went into Staples then Target and then Office Max (went to Walmart a few days ago) and I was shocked. I've always been a loyal Staples fan but Office Max blew me away. Lots of cool stuff. Lots of neat planners. Lots of just pretty colors. Ugh. I did not need to find a new store.

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Mimi said...

You forgot the new crayons! Love to smell them.