July 28, 2010

The price you pay for FREE

I was lucky enough to receive a free Starbucks coupon. I decided I'd use it yesterday. It was hot outside, I felt a bit drab, and was hungry/thirsty.

I go to my Starbucks in Target and order a non-fat cafe vanilla frappuccino no whip. Here's where I should note that I normally order a non-fat vanilla bean frap with half coffee base no whip but lately that hasn't had enough of a coffee flavor.

I inhaled my frap as I browsed through every inch of Target. Ah, the joys of good coffee.

Fast forward 12 hours....yep, still wide awake at 1am. Why? I wonder as I lay in bed thinking of the upcoming fall season, plotting ways to obtain a career job, which Coach bag I'd buy if I had the money, thinking about my love of YellowBox flip flops, or how cute the tiny baby socks on the end cap at Target are that have the "3-6 months" label on the bottom in that non-skid stuff and trying to come up with a way to invite myself to a family-friend's mountain cabin again so I can sip coffee on the rocking chair porch overlooking the mountain view in my PJs each morning.

And that is when I realized it. COFFEE. My normal vanilla bean frap is only half coffee based...my new cafe vanilla frap = all coffee! Ugh. Thank you, my friend caffeine for keeping me up most of the night and thank you, my dear cat for waking me up 4 hours after I fell asleep.

I wonder if they can make my cafe vanilla decaf? Or half decaf-half regular?

So, the price for my free frappuccino  yesterday was about 4 hours of sleep.

Photo note: Taken in April of my favorite book, purse, and frapp at Starbucks.

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