July 29, 2010

What's in your purse?

Back in April, Stacy Julian issued a What's in your purse? challenge. You were asked to take pictures of your purse and its contents. Yep, I did that - back in April. But I never did anything with the photos. Just snapped them and loaded them into Picasa.

So, fast forward to today. I'm in search of new blogs and decide to go through my list of followers on Twitter. I come to a blog "Peek at My Paper" and begin reading her posts. That's when I find her purse challenge posts except she goes on to talk about what the contents of her purse say about her. WOW! Why didn't I think of that?

Without further ado, here are my purse challenge photos and what I think the contents say about me.

1. I like pink! Purse, phone case, wallet, small spiral notebook, sticky notes, even my book!

2. I'm a paper person. I need to write my notes/lists on paper - no electronically stored lists. I have my grocery list in the notebook. Another list torn out of the notebook. A list of names and addresses for a wedding shower I was throwing. My Sunday School lesson plan.

3. I'm a bargain hunter! Several coupons and receipts are found in my purse.

4. I love Chic-fil-a! Their coupons are the best! Did you know that Chic-fil-a will accept expired coupons? Or that if the coupon is for a free grilled sandwich, you can trade it out for a different kind of sandwich? The Veggie Tales CD came in my kids meal from Chic.

5. I must have sunglasses & my cell phone! Those are my essentials!

6. My iPod, lip gloss, and book are just extras. I can do without them but must have sunglasses & cell phone!

7. I guess having my wallet and keys are pretty essential too.

8. The paw print shaped tag is from my cat's bed that I bought that day that he never sleeps in and the postcard is from the vet say that the cat was due for shots.

9. The ziploc bag is full of coins. I save my coins to feed my Starbucks habit. I try not to spend "crispy cash" as my favorite 2 year old twins call dollar bills on coffee.

10. The vial and nasal spray thing is my migraine medicine, Migranal. Works wonders!

11. Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews is probably my favorite book ever! And that pink purse - probably my favorite purse ever too. I'd always wanted a colored, leather purse and this one fits my personality perfectly. I'm still carrying that same purse today and I rarely stick with one purse that long. My wallet is in my fav Vera Bradley pattern too, Mod Pink Floral. So sad that pattern's been discontinued.

12. That orange thing? It's a free sample of some magic cloth that I saw demo-d at the mall. It was pretty cool but not worth the $20 price tag to buy.

Here's a link to the blog post that inspired me to write this post: Peek At My Paper blog link

A few more photos just for fun:


Peek at My Paper said...

Ha! So glad you stubled upon the post. I was inspired by Stacy Julian and wanted to have others link up - but no one so far has posted anything - until TODAY! :) Thank you!!! I think taking a pic of the contents of our purse was a great idea!
Thank you for mentioning Peek at My Paper in your blog post today! :)
So glad you decided to stop by my blog. I will poke around thru yours for a while too.
Nice to meet you,

Mimi said...

Only 3 ink pens, AMAZING!!!!