January 6, 2011

Super Savings!

Today, I headed out on my first serious couponing expedition. I've been collecting coupons for several months and never using them. My biggest struggle was my lack of organization and lack of knowledge of the policies of the stores in my area. Over the last few days I've gotten the coupons semi-organized and have studied the coupon policies of the stores I shop at and the sale flyers for deals for this week.

I am proud to say that all of the above items cost me $5.13 and were purchased at CVS or Publix, two stores that I have never shopped at regularly. I was thrilled with the sweet check out lady at CVS. She was so helpful in explaining the CVS card, the Extra Care Bucks, the GreenBagTag and benefits of bringing my own bags. I will definitely go back to that CVS!

Publix, on the other hand, was less than helpful. The clerk wasn't sure how to use any of my coupons, or if they would double. I was under the impression that if I used a "buy one get one free coupon" during a "buy one get one free sale" that both items would be free. Maybe I misunderstood the Publix coupon policy but it would have been a much more enjoyable trip had the clerk and manager not argued with me when I simply wanted an explaination of what the correct coupon policy consists of. In the end, I did have to pay $1.68 total for the 2 boxes of cereal instead of getting them both free as I had hoped. It was still a good deal, I thought.

Breakdown of the cost per item:
Listerine Zero from CVS (regular price $5.99, I think) = 50 cents per bottle
Tums Smoothies from CVS (regular price $5.49) = $1.99
Special K Cereal from Publix (regular price $3.35) = 84 cents per box

My favorite deal of the day: Peter Pan Peanut Butter from Publix (regular price $2.47) = 23 cents per jar

Total Spent with coupons, sales, and ECBs = $5.13

Would have been  $29.11 without coupons, sales or ECBs

Total Savings of $23.98 or 82%!

I didn't think 82% savings was too shabby. Now, if I can just find a way to lower the price of milk. LOL!

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Mimi said...

Love it, I've got a binder thing that might work for you. :)