January 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: A Day Late and A Dollar Short

1.    1. I had great intentions for this “Ten on Tuesday” to become a weekly occurrence. A regular weekly occurrence even if it is a day late.

2.    2. I accomplished very little on my to-do list today and will have today’s to-dos plus tomorrow’s to-dos to do all tomorrow. Does that even make sense?

3.   3.  I learned today that the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is actually true. I asked my husband if he agreed and he nodded as he continued to eat that Toll House chocolate chip cookie in true Cookie-Monster style.

For future note, the meal that satisfied the hubs tonight was Banquet frozen popcorn chicken bites, crowder peas, mashed potatoes – instant, cole slaw, and cornbread followed immediately by Nestle Toll House Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and a tall glass of milk. We even discussed how I could “tweak” this menu for the future. Make pinto beans instead of crowder peas. Mac & cheese instead of potatoes. Sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. Popcorn chicken bites from Wal-mart instead of frozen. English peas instead of crowder peas. All must be followed quickly by a dessert.
4.    4. I’ve been working on a journal-a-day type of project for this year. I’m already behind but I plan to catch up very quickly. I want this year to be remembered. Not that there’s anything special in the plans for the year. But I just want to remember what normal was when I think back 20 years from now. 

5.    5. I won a blog giveaway for a cool water bottle from http://katiepegher.typepad.com/life-photos-scrapbooking/2011/01/and-the-winner-is.html I can’t wait to get it and take it with me to the gym. New Year’s Resolution.
6.    6. I think I’ve picked my “One Little Word.” I’m not sure I’m ready to share it until I’ve decided how I can make it an active part of my daily life.
My one little word for 2010 was “Celebrate.” I came up with that when I was in Disney World the week after Christmas 2009. I kept finding items that said “Celebrate everyday” and I adopted that as my phrase, motto, and euphemism of the year. I felt a little sad that 2010 ended and I had to leave that phrase behind. 

8.    7. I purchased this (Link to Kohls wall hangy thingy) with another favorite phrase last week using my beloved Kohls Cash. I have no clue where I’m going to hang it. I’m not sure there is room in our home for another decorative item right now. So, for now it will be packed away. I had envished it in my future green-tan-chocolate brown kitchen but that may be a few decades away. Then the hubs mentioned saving it for a baby’s room. Again, could be a decade away. Whereever it lives, even if it’s under my bed for a while, I will find a loving home for it someday. 

9.    8. Blogspot is weird tonight. I’ve had to type this entire blog in Word.
10.  My new favorite hobby is couponing. I’m planning my first trip to CVS tomorrow. I’m hoping to snag some FREE mouthwash and some other stuff for pennies. I’ve been googling all sorts of coupon blogs, websites, and message boards over the last few days. Many couponers have these elaborate Trapper Keeper binders set up for their coupons and I must admit I was a bit jealous. This week, I have spent over $30 trying to find the perfect Trapper Keeper for my coupons. First I wanted something pretty and pink. Then I decided maybe I needed something with a few more pockets. And then I realized I’d have to do a lot of coupon clipping to ever make up for the $15 Trapper Keeper I purchased. One Trapper Keeper was returned today, the other will be returned tomorrow. I’ll scrounge for a recycled-from-college binder that I already have and use it. But I do have to say, I would have looked rather stylish perusing the aisle of Target with my pink Trapper Keeper and matching pink spiral notebook and matching pink scissors. 

P.S. I apologize for the formatting of this blog. Apparently, Blogger does not like me today or yesterday either.

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Mimi said...

love the "Life is Good" sign. It can come to my house if you want!